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More And More Brands Are Choosing

Always provide good texts, good landing pages and a well-optimized data feed for Google Shopping. 7. Remember you have no control Assume that you have absolutely no control over Performance Max, other than the input you provide. But even then, Google will optimize itself. We soon saw that Google itself has made a YouTube video of our entered content, including nice background music (turn on your sound!): Results Performance Max We set up Performance Max for 4 customers (3 webshops and 1 website with lead objectives) and even during the ‘learning phase’ that the algorithm needs, we already achieved a much better ROI with the webshops. On average even an increase of 122%! We have mapped the data from 3 webshops over the 3 full days that we are now testing Performance Max:News – From now on it is possible for companies and advertisers in the Netherlands to create advertisements on TikTok.

And More Brands Are Choosing

The content platform, as Jacco Bos describes it, presented the various advertising options. I’ll catch up with you. On Thursday, January 27, TikTok launched a virtual business event for media and marketing agencies and interested advertisers. During the event, Thomas Wlazik (Managing Director Global Business Solutions, TikTok DACH, and the Netherlands) and Lisa Friedrich (Head of SMB, TikTok EMEA) spoke about all the Oman Phone Number developments for ‘ TikTok For Business ‘. Other speakers were Jacco Bos (Agency Partnerships Manager TikTok) and Alexandra Theofanakis (Account Manager TikTok). TikTok is more than dance moves TikTok is no longer about dance steps, says Jacco. The target audience has grown older and a new group of unique creators has emerged. Not age, but mindset is a connecting factor.


More Brands Are Choosing

He therefore advises brands and advertisers to take a position (“organic beat”) on the platform. They can highlight a continuous stream of content. For example, consider instructional videos. They can then reinforce their own content with campaigns. TikTok is not a social medium, but a content platform. That’s the heart. – Jacco Bos TikTok advertising At the end of June 2020, TikTok launched its ‘for business’ package. This is the platform’s advertising product. It’s very different from the self-service Ads managers that Facebook and Google provide. Companies can give their messages more attention for a fee. TikTok determines how that happens for the time being and external agencies have nothing to say about it. Since July 2021 it is also possible for brands to use the so-called Spark Advertisements. This is nothing but sponsoring high performing TikToks.

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