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AEW Double or Nothing 2021: Results, Stadium Stampede Highlights, Analysis

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AEW Double or Nothing 2021: Results, Stadium Stampede Highlights, Analysis

The next scene pits FTR against Santana and Ortiz in a bar fight. Before they can start fighting, Tully Blanchard pours them whiskey in one shot, which they do. We see that Konnan is the DJ, blowing up the crowd, and the fight is on. The intro to this was cute, but the rest of the FTR versus Santana and Ortiz segment High School Coaches Email List was mostly just generic fights – trash cans, Irish whips against walls, that sort of thing. Then we go back to Wardlow and Hager. Hager punches Wardlow and then strangles him through a wooden shelf.

Now we go back to Jericho and MJF. They fight in a boardroom, leading to a twisted spot where Jericho staples a poster to MJF’s head. MJF strikes back with a hammer on a boardroom table. MJF tries to smash Jericho’s injured arm with a hammer, but Jericho attacks him with a nearby garbage can. Jericho opens a closet to find his baseball bat, Floyd. Jericho hits MJF with Floyd, then throws MJF through a window pane. MJF sheds the first blood of the party.

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Jericho and MJF fight at Daily’s Place, in front of the live crowd. Jericho smashes MJF through a table with a powerbomb in the stands, then we see Sammy chasing Spears to Daily’s Place with a golf cart. Now in the ring in front of the live audience, cpa email list  Spears hits Sammy with a chair. Spears places a chair between the strings of the turnbuckle, but Sammy cuts it off before he can use it.

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