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Ad Fatigue: Bringing New Life to Your Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Ad Fatigue: Bringing New Life to Your Facebook and Instagram Ads

Have you run Facebook ad campaigns that list of the phone seem to be going well but then take a nosedive? Your cost per result is increasing and the volume of your results is falling but you haven’t made any changes to an ad that was once delivering well. This can be caused by list of the phone ad fatigue. Ad fatigue occurs when your audience is no longer responding to your ad, and because of their lack of attention, you start to see an increase in list of the phone costs and a decrease in volume.

There are a number of reasons ad fatigue list of the phone can occur. For instance, you may have been using the same creative for so long that it’s become white noise in your audience’s news feeds. They’ve seen your ads so much they simply don’t notice them anymore. When your ads lose impact, they’re less list of the phone competitive in the auction and your costs increase. Ad fatigue can also happen when the creative you’ve selected resonates with only a small part of your potential audience. When you list of the phone first start running your ad, this small group may respond. If your creative doesn’t appeal to the larger part of your audience, however, your ads can fatigue once you’ve exhausted delivery to that small segment.


When ad fatigue starts happening to your Facebook or Instagram campaign, you need to take action because your list of the phone campaign is unlikely to recover with more time or budget. Here’s how to diagnose and fix ad fatigue Ad fatigue can occur at any time during a campaign. This is different from an underperforming campaign. With ad fatigue, we’re talking Cpa Email list about a campaign that list of the phone once produced good results but they were short-lived or died off suddenly. A poorly performing campaign never list of the phone gets great results.


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