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A sing to Galiciaof KPMG in Galicia, analyzes how Galician companies

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A sing to Galiciaof KPMG in Galicia, analyzes how Galician companies

In recent weeks we have observed an acceleration in the german phone number example process in our country. All this makes us think that we are facing the more than desired sanitary normalization that will bring with it a much desired economic normalization. I think we can say that the worst of the pandemic in health and economic terms has passed german phone number example and that from now on we should only improve. sense, Galician companies have shown their strength in the face of the crisis caused by COVID-19, which which is endorsed in the Outlook 2021 report (prepared by KPMG in collaboration with CEOE), where 45% of the Galician german phone number example companies surveyed

However, in these months the world has german phone number example radically changed and this requires an effective and coordinated response to the new challenges that the pandemic has brought with it, in addition to those that the Galician economy has historically faced. For this, companies in the german phone number example region have to focus on process improvement and digital transformation (where data analysis and the use of artificial intelligence are essential), areas that are fundamental to be competitive in the new reality, where aspects such as logistics or the shopping german phone number example experience acquire greater relevance and for which it is necessary production models that


In this transformation process, the german phone number example companies’ strategy to attract and retain talent will be key to their success . It is an absolute priority to stop the dramatic loss of the active population in our german phone number example region and, for this, Cpa Email list the private initiative and the Public Administration must collaborate in promoting an environment of employment and development opportunities german phone number example that reverse this trend, which would be favored by the need imperative to boost the size of our business fabric in this new environment.

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