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A Factoría do Lume: This is how the spiciest sauces in Galicia are

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A Factoría do Lume: This is how the spiciest sauces in Galicia are

Galicia has had its first and only brand of hot sauces for just germany phone number free over a year. This is A Factoría do Lume, a cooperative in Narón made up of two partners: Joaquín Pérez Sabín and Elena Sabín . Son and mother decided to embark on this adventure just before the pandemic. “The day the confinement was announced, he caught me germany phone number free buying elegant clothes to do commercial work on the sauces,” jokes Joaquín. The idea of ​​creating these sauces and spicy products came from his love of cooking. “During the 2008 crisis I worked in the automotive germany phone number free industry. I was left without a job. I’m a bit of a kitchen freak.

I went to England to work in a restaurant. germany phone number free In between, I made contact with the world of chili peppers, ” says Joaquín. His curiosity about everything in a restaurant kitchen led him to ask about those spicy ingredients. “I always ask a lot, in the kitchen I like to know everything. In London germany phone number free there are chefs from all over the world. I had never liked spicy and had no idea. They gave me a taste of a habanero and I was surprised by the flavors it had “, account. From London he traveled to germany phone number free Latin America, where they are also experts in chili peppers and hot peppers.


The idea of ​​returning to Galicia and germany phone number free opening his own business began to haunt Joaquín’s head. “I was going round and round to set something up. A restaurant is very slave, I did not want to get into that germany phone number free world again. I realized that there are no hot sauces here . I was going to eat out there and I was missing Cpa Email list that pinch of spice. The only thing we have are padrón peppers, paprika and some chorizo, “says Joaquín. Much more than hot sauces Thus began his adventure. “I germany phone number free began to think about it, to try, to experiment … I had the whole house full of jars o

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