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A book collects the photographs of the old Cros SA factory in O Burgo (A Coruña)

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A book collects the photographs of the old Cros SA factory in O Burgo (A Coruña)

The Flujos Project publication includes the photographs mobile number list of the old Cros SA factory in O Burgo , located in the Coruña municipality of Culleredo. The book has 64 pages in which images of the year 1990 are collected , when the factory was still standing although no longer operating, as well as of the 70s taken by the photographer Pedro mobile number list Pastor, with a studio in O Temple, or even before this date . The objective of José Carlos Alonso Sánchez , author of most of the photographs and editor of Proyecto Flujos , is to reconstruct the image that the “gigantic infrastructure” that mobile number list occupied the banks of the O Burgo estuary had at the end of his days .

‘Flows Project’ Alonso explains in the mobile number list presentation of Proyecto Flujos that the first time he had the “first conscious perception” of the building was when he was about 25 years old, while traveling as a co-pilot in a truck. “It was in the throat. On other occasions I would have seen it without giving it mobile number list more importance but at that moment its existence bothered me . It was the itching of the aggressive chemistry of the fertilizer manufacturing process,” the text collects. Cover of ‘Flows Project’ (Assigned). mobile number list The author of the book had the opportunity to access the building in October 1990 .


The permit was only 45 minutes over three days mobile number list which he took full advantage of to pull out “one slide per minute” and mirror the structure. Alonso had, some time later, the opportunity to take more photographs of the property when the dismantling process was advanced. The now published book mobile number list is the result of fieldwork by its author, Cpa Email list who also carried out arduous documentation work . Flujos Project revives the old Cros factory, an example of industrial architecture from the mobile number list last century known by the neighbors as A Cros. The factory was built by the Catalan company SA Cross in 1931 and was in operation until the 1980s next to the O Burgo mobile number list estuary.

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