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7 Ways Posterous Improves Your Social Media Presence

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7 Ways Posterous Improves Your Social Media Presence

This can be a good starting point for businesses buy cell number hesitating to create their own blog. Posterous can provide a place to learn more about social media and develop the right content strategies Fills a Gap Between Blogging and Microblogging Posterous is buy cell number an easy way to publish more content to reach different audiences. Steve Rubel says, “I still see a big space in between blogs and Twitter that allows you to have a hub and spoke strategy and post in multiple formats.” And as Ted Villa says, “Posterous is clean and nimble, simple to use and a great tool in any organization’s buy cell number social media toolkit.

This can fill a gap in your buy cell number presence on social media. ove Your Visibility Posterous can help you improve your visibility in search results in two ways. First, you have more updates for search engines to find. If you like to share photos and videos online, Posterous makes it very easy to do this (see reason #7 below for more details). And with photo and video publishing made buy cell number this easy, you end up sharing more content to increase your online search results. Second, you can publish your Posterous content on your own website. Unlike other social media platforms, you can set buy cell number up your Posterous account on your own URL.


Your own domain name separate from buy cell number your company website Or even use a sub-domain of your current website or blo This is something important to keep in mind as the social media landscape changes over time Gives You Another Voice on Social Media Many business professionals also use Posterous to post content that would be off topic on their Cpa Email list main website or blog and buy cell number engage with a different audience online. Posterous provides an easy venue to share different “social” content. A separate platform makes it easy to create an additional point of connection with your buy cell number audience, with a different style, to engage different mindsets.

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