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7 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter

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7 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter

Growing your traffic always starts with your audience if what is a uk mobile number you want to do it right. Untargeted, uninterested “hits” are a waste of time and resources at worst, and at best just pure vanity Twitter has a tool for this. Use search.twitter.com to find what people in your niche are talking about and follow some of their conversations what is a uk mobile number Once you get an idea of what people are interested in, join in those conversations and talk to people. nd about how to grow your follower count that it makes it seem that the number is all that matters. Wrong! Improve your marketing what is a uk mobile number confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced marketing training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society!

You need people to want to hear what you what is a uk mobile number have to say. This means you do NOT want people who auto-follow because they are either: Robots and not real human beings (e.g., spam software, people trying to inflate their follower count, scrapers) Not actually reading your tweets and just following to allow you to DM them The followers you most want are those who follow what is a uk mobile number you because they are interested and think they will get value from your tweets. These people are most likely to find you via: People retweeting your stuff, either within Twitter or using a what is a uk mobile number TweetMeme button Referrals from other Twitter users


Your blog; for example, your articles that say what is a uk mobile number “Follow me on Twitter at chrisgarrett and tell me what you think,” or your sidebar Follow Me button Other people’s blogs, when you guest post or comment Clicking your forum signature when you participate in discussions, or your email what is a uk mobile number signature Unfortunately Cpa Email list Twitter closed off a really nice way that people used to get targeted Twitter followers. It used to be that we could “listen in” to conversations that people we followed what is a uk mobile number were having, but now you have to be following both parties.

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