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7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore and Still be Successful

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7 Social Media Truths You Can Ignore and Still be Successful

There are a lot of social media experts out there—including the uk mobile number ones who claim there’s no such thing as a “social media expert”—and they’re telling us how social media works, how it doesn’t work, and how we all must behave in the social media arena Much uk mobile number of this advice is framed as “universal truths” that every business must follow. Unfortunately, a lot of it is based on the expert’s personal experience. And that may not be appropriate for you. Even the most well-intended advice is often off the uk mobile number mark when it comes to your business There’s nothing wrong with sage advice, but when guidelines become rules, they need to be

sales need to be closed and invoices uk mobile number need to be sent; no business survives otherwise Furthermore, networking didn’t start with LinkedIn. Before there was social networking there was real-world networking. And you know what? It came with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, so it wasn’t all that bad. In fact, uk mobile number arguably the best book on social media marketing predates social media marketing: How to Win uk mobile number Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Go and (re)read that book; everything he talks about is still true today, it’s just that now it happens on Twitter.


Claim 2: You Can’t Sell in Social uk mobile number Media This statement is the mantra of early adopters who remember “the good old days” of social media, before Facebook had ads and all the spammers realized how powerful and inexpensive the medium could be. It’s uk mobile number well-documented that Dell has sold million of dollars of PCs and accessories through Twitter Cpa Email list promotions. Local coffee shops use Twitter to take orders that are ready when you arrive or promote themselves using location-based apps like FourSquare or Gowalla. (In fact, if you’d like some advice on how to sell in FourSquare, check out uk mobile number Why Foursquare Drives Business.)

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