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7 Hot Graphic Design Trends for 2022

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7 Hot Graphic Design Trends for 2022

Whether you’re looking for a unique logo design for a new business or considering a rebrand, creating or refreshing your product packaging, or looking to create a business website, you should be familiar with these seven hot graphic design trends for 2022. And because social media continues to explode in popularity, we are paying particular attention to graphic design trends that can help you boost your social media presence. In 2022, graphic design is becoming louder and bolder. Graphic design trends across social media channels are seeing a departure from the subdued, monochromatic, minimalist, and muted aesthetics.

7 hot graphic design trends for 2022:

Instead, designers and marketers are moving towards festive, bright, and saturated colors and a collective emphasis on the unconventional – font pairings, color palettes, and layout. 7 hot graphic design trends for 2022: Retro-groovy the 90s and Y2K sticker bombs Unconventional font combinations Fluorescent colors Futuristic Grainy texture Digital UI (User Interface) retro groovy graphic design trend 1. Retro-groovy We predicted that nostalgia would be popular in our look at logo design trends. And it is, especially on social media. Nostalgia is effective as a tactic to capture audiences’ attention because it taps into familiarity and throw-back sentimentality. Nostalgia triggers a specific memory.


When tapping into nostalgia, people access their autobiographical, self-relevant memories. People find it easier to relate to or feel an affinity with design elements that look familiar to them, especially when it reminded them of their childhood when life was easier and the world safer. And, because they are familiar, these design elements feel less intimidating. So, if you feel like you’ve time-traveled is an homage to the vibrancy and liveliness of the 60s and 70s. This trend is best for playful and quirky small business brands. So be sure that your brand strategy can accommodate this visual approach. You can recreate this trend by using swirly shapes, funky fonts, mod or geometric patterns, flower-power stickers, and unconventional color pairings. Speaking of color pairings, color palettes for the retro trend mix shocking neon hues with muted or subdued natural colors. The shapes are tilted, swirly, or skewed, and the fonts are rarely formal.

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