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7 Content Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

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7 Content Marketing Tools That Every Marketer Should Know

In content marketing tools there is no shortage, there are of all types, sizes and prices. For marketers, the challenge is to select the correct one and find how to integrate it into the daily process of a company . Selecting the 10 favorites is a complicated job, in content marketing Hungary Mobile Number List there are many possible combinations and the tools are often adjusted to the personal tastes of each strategist. Without fear of being wrong I would affirm that it is a subjective matter; However, at least in this exercise I will try to put the ones that I know from a good source that deliver good results and that are part of the content marketing trends for 2017 . Hungary Mobile Number List

This SEO analysis tool is key to creating content strategies, among its benefits is the search for keywords, position on the Google page or SERP, the expected volume of traffic and the value of the CPC of a term. It seems to me that the most interesting thing the company offers is the Content Composer tool that helps in real time to create content that would potentially have better performance in search engines. The only problem with the tool is that at the moment they have not released the solution in Spanish. It would seem Brother Cell Phone List that it is one more analytics tool and few would see the sense of investing in something additional to Google Analytics. In terms of content marketing tools, it becomes difficult to put together a list that does not include a robust data analysis solution. Parse.ly is an interesting option that manages to combine the deep analysis of Google analytics with the real time analytics of Chartbeat or Gosquared. In addition, its API is extremely robust and makes website integration quite simple. It is not an economical solution but if you are focused on creating content in a professional way it is an interesting option in the market.

This content marketing tool is an ideal option if you are looking to improve the top of funnel Marketing or as they call it ToFu. The idea is to more accurately understand the behavior and performance of each content generation effort that is intended to achieve a conversion. For companies looking to ship at scale and in a situation where improving productivity is essential, this tool could be the best option. The first step is to request a test and a quote; it does not work as an over the counter SaaS. One of those strange tools but that makes a lot of difference in digital marketing campaigns with a high level of complexity. Contentful is a content management system or CMS that allows content to be created and then distributed – through an API – to different platforms. In fewer words, it allows a marketer to make a creative piece of content and distribute it to a website, an iPad app, and an Android app. If you are generating content in a massive way, contentful is the ideal tool to optimize times and control the quality of the final deliveries.

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