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6 Social Media Predictions for 2010

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6 Social Media Predictions for 2010

Social Media Networks Become ExclusiveArmano what is a uk mobile number predicts we’ll begin to see more exclusivity of networks as users focus more on specific niche content. Indeed, research supports the prediction that people will be willing to pay for access to what is a uk mobile number specialty networking groups. Payment models by their very nature will exclude many spammers and create higher-quality networks “The bottom line is that users are willing to pay for social network content as long as sites cater to specific market niches as opposed to broader, mainstream audiences,” what is a uk mobile number according to eMarketer.

Corporations Scale Social Media Efforts what is a uk mobile number Armano predicts corporations will begin to incorporate social media initiatives on a larger scale, moving beyond their one-off marketing experiments and general communication activity. Research also supports this prediction. what is a uk mobile number For example, 94% of companies sponsoring online communities plan to increase their social networking support as well as engage with other social media tools, according to the 2009 Tribalization of Business Study by Deloitte. Armano predicts businesses will focus what is a uk mobile number more on adding entertainment to their social media efforts to incentivize user activity.


There’s plenty of data to support this trend: what is a uk mobile number Games rank #1 in top-performing mobile applications, followed by social networking apps, according to a recent report by Distimo. Games and networking are often closely related in many social media environments (I see this often on Facebook fan pages). Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. what is a uk mobile number Get advanced marketing training Cpa Email list and support in the Social Media Marketing Society Here’s a great example of a mainstream company taking advantage of this emerging trend: what is a uk mobile number Volkswagen recently went 100% mobile for their GTI launch and created a virtual game via the Apple App Store.

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