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6 Blog Add-Ons That Spur Social Media Activity

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6 Blog Add-Ons That Spur Social Media Activity

ot a blog? Are you on Facebook or Twitter? usa mobile directory How about your readers—are they using social networks? Want to make it easy for readers to share your great content with their tribes? If so, keep reading as I share six social media add-ons you can effortlessly integrate into your blog today. Your immediate result: much better usa mobile directory engagement with your readers. And by the way, I’ve used them all—many on this very site. An aside… The key to encouraging social activity is making it easy for people to act. The less friction there is between desire and action the more likely people will share your content or reach out to you. Fortunately these six excellent tools make usa mobile directory encouraging activity easy—and dare I say, fun!

The Ultimate in Social Proof In times past it usa mobile directory was said that comments were the currency of bloggers. But far too often outstanding content only attracts a comment or two. What if there was a better way to determine if people like your posts (while also driving traffic to your blog)? Well now usa mobile directory there is. Introducing TweetMeme’s Retweet Button. TweetMeme’s button provides readers an effortless usa mobile directory way to share your post on Twitter (and much more).


Readers simply push a button and your post usa mobile directory shows up on their Twitter feeds—driving more traffic to your page! But the real power is in the number it displays on your page. Every time anyone tweets about your article, TweetMeme tracks and displays a number on the page (whether they used the button or not). This is one of the most powerful social barometers I have ever seen. usa mobile directory The bigger the TweetMeme number, the more others feel compelled to read your content and share it. You can add the TweetMeme badge anywhere on any page (blog or not). I like to display it at the top of the page. The higher the number, the more likely it broadcasts to usa mobile directory readers, “Others think this is important, so you need to read this too!”

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