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5 Tips for Finding Time for Social Media

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5 Tips for Finding Time for Social Media

One of the major objections I hear about social uk phone directory search by number media is about time. Do any of these sound familiar? “Who has time?” “You expect me to do all this on top of my normal duties?” “How do you fit everything in?” … and so on. I am not going to lie to you. Social media does take time. In fact, time is going to be one uk phone directory search by number of your major hidden costs of doing business on the Internet. And for some of us, that time could be wasted if we are not careful. You need to watch where your time goes to ensure you’re spending it efficiently and with uk phone directory search by number the desired impact. Here are five tips to help you.

Spend Your Time Intentionally It’s uk phone directory search by number too easy to just chit chat, browse and surf, get distracted or feel like we are making progress when really we are avoiding work and using social media “engagement and interaction” as an excuse to procrastinate. There are good uk phone directory search by number conversations and wasteful conversations and you need to decide which is which. Consider a face-to-face networking event. Do you spend all of your time speaking to one person at that event about the weather, or do you spread yourself around a bit and find new and uk phone directory search by number interesting people to connect with?


Are you just hanging out or do you direct uk phone directory search by number your efforts toward a precise tactical aim or specific goal? You need to know what you are doing and how you are going to measure your success. How does this help you find time? Well, most businesses and individuals already allocate time for uk phone directory search by number marketing, Cpa Email list networking and research. If you know that your social media activities come in under one of those headings, and your efforts in social media are going to achieve equal or better results to other things you could do under those headings, then you are uk phone directory search by number equipped to carve out time to try social media instead.

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