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5 Small Business Tips for Social Media Success

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5 Small Business Tips for Social Media Success

By now, you have probably heard the success stories of australia phone directory search by number companies like Dell and Starbucks, which have created hugely successful social media presences that serve millions of fans and generate millions of dollars of revenue. The only problem is, your small business doesn’t have 1/1000th of the brand australia phone directory search by number recognition these companies have. You run a solid small business that is well known in your niche or your region, but not beyond. How can social networks become useful marketing and operations tools for smaller businesses that don’t australia phone directory search by number have a large customer base?

This question has kept many small australia phone directory search by number businesses from interacting on social networks, as a recent study showed that only 24 percent of small businesses had begun social media marketing. Here are five tips to optimize your small business’ social networks to attract more customers online. Small business owners and marketers do not have the luxury of lots australia phone directory search by number of free time to monitor social networks, so these tips are intended to help you be as efficient as possible. Make Your Profiles About More Than Just Your Industry While you should be demonstrating expertise on your Facebook fan page and your blog, australia phone directory search by number you should also be adding local context to this information. What does the information you are providing mean for your specific region?


If you are selling homes, provide australia phone directory search by number information and links about the local area, as well as the real estate you are offering. As a small business, you are competing against large national news souaustralia phone directory search by number rces, so provide something the big guys can’t afford to give—local perspective. The Wydler Brothers Realty Team does just that, offering insights on the Washington, D.C. Cpa Email list market as well as homes they are offering in the area. australia phone directory search by number others Realty offers advice on the general DC area, in addition to their expertise in the real estate industry. By far the most important tip to getting value from social media for your business is offering value to the customers you want to interact with.

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