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5 Easy Steps to Creating Reusable Social Content

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5 Easy Steps to Creating Reusable Social Content

Sure, social media takes a lot of time. Merging Facebook, mobile directory australia Twitter and all the other social media options can be challenging. But what if you could cut that time down significantly by cross-leveraging content? Too many companies are reinventing the content wheel for every social outpost they maintain. A better approach is to mobile directory australia create a content ecosystem that allows you to repurpose and cascade your best information. Instead of a series of self-contained initiatives, build yourself a content ladder. Here are 5 steps to get there: Understand Taxonomy If you want a new pair of glasses, the Yellow Pages is a frustrating neighborhood. Look under “G” for “mobile directory australia glasses.”

Not found. Look under “E” for “eyeglasses.” mobile directory australia Nope. Only when you look under “O” for “optometrists” do you find what you need. It’s an example of an industry with poor understanding of taxonomy—the words and phrases used to describe products and services. Taxonomy is mobile directory australia incredibly important in social media because it’s the most direct link between the worlds of social and search marketing. Remember, one of your most important customers is Google, and your content ladder needs to maximize your chances for search success. mobile directory australia When creating and promoting social content, include relevant keywords and search phrases wherever possible.


This is especially important now that Google mobile directory australia and Bing are incorporating social content into real-time search results.) Find keywords and search phrases to include in these three places: Google Analytics (or whatever website analytics program you’re using) Look at your keywords mobile directory australia report to find phrases Cpa Email list that are driving traffic to your site. I recommend using a mixture of your top 25 phrases and some that are highly relevant to your business, but perhaps aren’t sending as much mobile directory australia traffic as you’d like at present.

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