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5 Easy Steps to a Winning Social Media Plan

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5 Easy Steps to a Winning Social Media Plan

So you’ve set up your social media empire using www canada phone number Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and you’re blogging too. But how do you make it all work together? You want to reach potential clients and establish your authority online, but what’s www canada phone number your plan? This article delivers five foolproof steps to get you on your way to finding, formulating and distributing content that will get you noticed. Content could include your own blog posts or links to others people’s work posted on your social netwo The first step in social media planning is largely the first step www canada phone number in identifying your brand—determine who you are and who your customers are.

What unique aspect of your product or www canada phone number service attracts your target population? Are you a veteran business coach who works with small entrepreneurs? A grandmother and knitter who likes to teach others how to create gifts? You’ll need to determine what your readers want to know www canada phone number from you, what their likes and dislikes are and where they congregate. You’ll also need to find the right tone. The “social” in social media requires a conversational approach, but you still need to speak your clients’ language Be sure you know the lingo and style that your clients are comfortable with and where they talk to each other—on Twitter, www canada phone number Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs or on social bookmarking sites.


Write out a basic profile for your most www canada phone number common type of client or customer. How would you classify them in terms of education, hobbies, tech-savviness and time spent engaging in social networking? Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your Cpa Email list career. Get advanced www canada phone number marketing training and support in the Social Media Marketing Society Sharing information on social media is essentially about becoming a reporter/editor for those who take part in your industry or your passion for your product or service. As a newspaper editor asks herself, so www canada phone number must you: “What do the readers really w

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