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5 Creative Ways To Use Your Twitter Favorites

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5 Creative Ways To Use Your Twitter Favorites

If you look at most Twitter users’ Favorites, this uk phone number online feature is often completely empty or seldom used. Many people simply don’t know the power of this tiny tool! There are so many creative and useful ways to get mileage out of selecting tweets to favorite uk phone number online (others’ and your own). With the constant stream (river!) of information rushing by on Twitter, here are five fun ways to capture your favorite tweets and have a way to archive/refer back to them. First, let’s make sure you uk phone number online know how to favorite tweets, what types of tweets to favorite, and where to find your Favorites URL/RSS Feed:

How to Favorite a Tweet uk phone number online From the regular Twitter web interface, favorite any tweet by mousing over the tweet then clicking the star. This works for anyone on Twitter, whether you follow them or not. On the iPhone uk phone number online app Tweetie, you can slide your finger over any tweet for options and tap the star, or tap the star at the bottom of the actual tweet: Improve your marketing confidence and accelerate your career. Get advanced marketing training and uk phone number online support in the Social Media Marketing Society! t to favorite a mix of great content tweets from people you follow, your own tweets and replies to you that are endorsements/testimonials (I usually take screenshots uk phone number online of the latter to keep them separate).


Where to Find Your Favorites URL/RSS Feed uk phone number online Look for “Favorites” on the side panel of your Twitter page. If you right-click and select the link, you’ll get a simple URL like: https://twitter.com/MariSmith/favorites. If you left-click the link to get to your page of Cpa Email list Favorites, then scroll below the uk phone number online montage of your follower thumbnails, you’ll see “RSS feed of username’s favorites” with the recognizable orange RSS icon. Okay, now you’re ready! Here are those five creative ways to uk phone number online make good use of your Twitter Favorites

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