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4 Ways to Use Social Media Cues to Engage People

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4 Ways to Use Social Media Cues to Engage People

As much as we (rightly) praise Google for having transformed list your phone number our lives for the better, sometimes we all want answers that go beyond the right search query. Sometimes we want to reach out to someONE rather than someTHING. But list your phone number engaging in a conversation requires trust. And just as no newsletter sign-up form or invitation should be without trust-building assurances and privacy statements, no social media invitation or landing page should be without its own persuasive list your phone number and trust-building cues.

While looking at Adam Cohen’s recent list your phone number rundown of social media landing pages (think landing pages that convey social media options for customers), I was struck by some observations. Consider these four cues to incorporate into your social media landing page and campaign designs list your phone number Provide Visual Indications of Connection and Instantaneity steal of the dayTake a look at this eBags “Steal of the Day” offer, as taken by Rishi Rawat. Notice that eBags not only points list your phone number out how many bags are left, but how many shoppers are also being offered this deal right


NOW as you are looking at the purse yourself. Is this list your phone number really social media? No, but it does show how instantaneity brings the human element into an otherwise “sterile” e-commerce experience Similarly below, on the Windows social media landing page, the ability to see the current forum comments and questions is powerfully persuasive. The combination of transparency and list your phone number perceived instantaneity Cpa Email list create the desire to dive into the “conversational stream” that we see passing before us. Microsoft gets it right! The instantaneous Twitter feed makes us feel connected and lends credibility to the site and comments. list your phone number Putting the Twitter pics and names next to comments provides more credibility cues and a humanizing touch.

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