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4 Proven Ways Small Businesses Can Use Gamification in Marketing

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4 Proven Ways Small Businesses Can Use Gamification in Marketing

Consumer behavior has change dramatically in the last few years. People have become empowere, more impatient, and more demanding. They expect a seamless experience every time. And they expect everything instantly: same delivery day via Amazon Prime, food at your doorstep in 10 minutes or less, or romance in a couple of swipes. As a result, businesses have had to adjust and evolve their marketing strategies. It’s no longer enough to rely only on search engine optimization (SEO), have a presence on the latest social media network, or have a business website. The most successful companies strive to engage their customers and prospects creatively. And although engagement has always been meaningful, it’s the linchpin of a modern marketing strategy.

What is gamification?

That’s because business growth is accelerated faster when marketing strategies are anchore in core human behaviors. Knowing how people make purchasing decisions helps marketers, and smart business owners cut through the clutter of a congested and fragmented marketplace. With principles that tap into core human behavior, gamification is the newest tool to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. What is gamification? Gamification involves adding game design elements and mechanics to non-game environments like websites, online communities, etc., encouraging people to take specific actions. Gamification incentivizes people to engage, collaborate, share, interact, and accelerate business growth. The psychology behind gamification Gaming is embedde  in human psychology as a core behavior.

Ways to use gamification in your marketing strategy

When we experience positive reinforcement, like rewards or praise, we are more likely to repeat behaviors that led to the positive reinforcement. For example, when we get an unexpected discount on an item, our brains release dopamine, a neurotransmitter. Dopamine creates sensations of pleasure, motivation, addiction, and lust. When we feel pleasure, we are biologically wire to seek to repeat it. On the other hand more than advertise, you’ll be frustrate and upset and will, in the future, avoid the merchant that misled you about the price. Ways to use gamification in your marketing strategy If your marketing strategies can help people experience pleasure through gamification, you’ll build brand equity by helping people create positive associations with your brand.

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