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4 Facebook Marketing Myths And How to Overcome Them

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4 Facebook Marketing Myths And How to Overcome Them

Are you avoiding Facebook for marketing? Maybe you’re number of mobile phones in canada wondering, “Why should I care about Facebook?” There’s a lot of misconceptions and frustrations floating around when it comes to Facebook. In this article, I’ll help debunk number of mobile phones in canada some of the big Facebook myths that may be preventing you from an amazing opportunity Why Facebook Marketing? First and foremost, Facebook, like other social media, is a phenomenal way to become more visible and successful by making a face for yourself online. Facebook is now the largest social number of mobile phones in canada network on the planet with over 500 million active users, long ago surpassing

Considering those numbers, you have to ask number of mobile phones in canada yourself—do you think your target market might be there? And if you’re not there, what might you be missing? For those still skeptical, a common objection is that most of Facebook’s users are of a younger demographic and therefore number of mobile phones in canada there aren’t any benefits to using it to market their business. However, you may be surprised to find out that according to January 2010 statistics, the 35+ demographic now number of mobile phones in canada represents more than 30% of the entire user base,


Plus, compare the low to no cost of using number of mobile phones in canada Facebook—essentially just your Internet connection—to other marketing and advertising methods such as the Yellow Pages, the newspaper, TV and radio, and you’ve got a pretty convincing case for why you should be building a number of mobile phones in canada presence on Cpa Email list Facebook. In addition to the demographics, there are a few other myths in particular I want to address so you can start seeing the results and opportunities that so many other business owners already enjoy. This is probably the number of mobile phones in canada most frequent concern that I hear. It’s true that it can be a major time-sink if you let it —but know that it doesn’t have to be.

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