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30 original and creative business card design templates

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30 original and creative business card design templates

Although we live in an increasingly digital world, the design of a business card is still essential and Ailment Mailing List essential. Many of the businesses (especially the most valuable ones) are closed in person, thanks to the preparation of meetings. And for this, it is essential to have a first contact.  For this reason, in this article I have wanted to collect different templates that will serve as examples of business cards. Think that they are a personal marketing tool that can help you both to capture the attention of your potential client, and to distinguish yourself from  your competition.

So don’t make a decision lightly. Take the time you need and compare different models  of business cards to choose the one that best suits your business or brand The first of all is to decide the data to include in your business card. I have separated these data into two categories, one for the necessary data that all business cards have as a general rule, and another with optional data for what values ​​if you want to include them. Select this data according to your objective and try not to reload the final design.By the way, if you stick to the end of the article, I’ll tell you how you can create free business cards. This will be based on the purpose of your business card, as well as your real situation, market  niche and characteristics of the people you want to attract.

Ailment Mailing List
Ailment Mailing List

Social Networks and   or Website: that they are professionals. Own photography: it depends on your style and purpose. The letter you choose has to be legible and clear for everyone, without it your card is destined to fail. You can choose a single font, although if you want to be more  creative and draw attention to a particular piece of information, you can use a different font at that point saleleads or change the size and color. Below you have business card template designs that will serve as an example. Slogan or communication or marketing message: especially if you are new to the sector Images of your portfolio,  products or that help you to identify yourself in a sector, niche or expertise

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