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3 Unusual Free Tools for Your Keyword Research

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3 Unusual Free Tools for Your Keyword Research

To carry out keyword research in SEO, you are often advised to use the same tools. That is to say the keyword generator of Google Adwords and Ubersuggest . It is a choice that I also advise you, do not hesitate to use these tools, they are very good . But, if you want to go further than your competitors , I have three unusual tools to share with you. Indeed, it is often said that we must think differently . “Think different”, said Steve Jobs. With these three tools, which you use regularly, on a daily basis, but not in the way I am going to present it to you, you will see that you candeduce interesting keywords for your business.

Everyday tools for finding keywords

Let’s go. Everyday tools for finding keywords Google Images We often talk about Google Suggest also to find interesting keywords. By typing a keyword into Google, you will see what is typed as you complete the keyword, and it will give you ideas. Also, at the very bottom of the page, you will have Algeria Phone Number List related topics . Very good idea. But there is also another system which is useful and which is not often used. You go to Google Images and do the same thing. You type your keyword, and just below, above the images, you will see small bubbles, with concepts, which will be related to your main keyword. It’s really notions related to your main keywordand it will be interesting for you to use them.


Algeria Phone Number List

Blessed bread in many situations. 0 Wikipedia It deals with everything and anything. Do you know that there is even an article of more than 1300 words that explains to you which way to unroll the toilet paper? Yes Yes ! And besides, the article is interesting, go see. Jokes aside, Wikipedia is really a very important source subjects, and therefore of the keywords, which are covered . Two methods for using Amazon: the first is to use CPA Email List completion : you enter your keyword, and as you enter it, you look at the suggestions made to you; and the second method is, once you have typed in your keyword, to look carefully at the titles on the productswhich will be listed. Because it is in the titles that people must put their keywords on Amazon to position their products well.

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