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3 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community

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3 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community

Are you trying to build a community for your ukmobilenumbers company or brand? Are you looking to go beyond just big numbers of Facebook fans or Twitter followers? This article reveals three important tips you need to know to help build and manage communities. ukmobilenumbers What Is Community Management? Previously I wrote examined the different roles for those who work with social media in business. Among the many roles, the community manager is by far the most important because he or ukmobilenumbers she is on the front lines of communication. Here’s how I define community manager:

A community manager may also be ukmobilenumbers responsible for managing a social listening platform like Radian6 and filtering/assigning conversations to others in the business unit for a proper response. He or she may even organize in-person events (or town halls) to get feedback from the community. The ukmobilenumbers community manager is the face of the brand. Conversations are at the core of the job responsibility. Over the years, I have worked for several big brands and have learned some valuable lessons about community. When I refer to community, it’s not just a “social networking” site where users are required to login and create profiles. ukmobilenumbers Communities can be built on Twitter, YouTube and even on a blog where the conversations are happening within the comments.


Here are three lessons to consider when ukmobilenumbers managing a community: Embed within your community. During the War in Iraq, there were several journalists from various news organizations who would embed themselves within infantry units in order to get access to “front line” reporting. The result ukmobilenumbers was that viewers were able to keep up to speed with what was going on several thousand miles awayCommunity managers must also embed themselves within the community they serve and become integrated with the ukmobilenumbers community The result is the Cpa Email list collecting valuable data and insights from the community members and reporting back to management. The reporting is usually feedback on how to improve the company’s products, services or business ukmobilenumbers processes.


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