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3 Steps to Ethical Social Media Marketing

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3 Steps to Ethical Social Media Marketing

Marketers know the most effective advertising is word people mobile canada of mouth marketing. The smartest marketers know word of mouth works best when it’s credible. Unfortunately, trust is on the decline. The percentage of people who view their friends as people mobile canada credible sources of information about a brand has fallen from 45% in 2008 to 25% in 2010, according to Edelman’s 2010 Trust Barometer study. That’s an alarming statistic for marketers wanting to tap into the power of word of mouth through people mobile canada social media marketing. This article will provide three simple steps you can take to ethically market with social media.

What’s The Problem Some marketers people mobile canada have cited this decline in credibility as a result of “friends” becoming defined more loosely because of social media. Sure, we’re Facebook friends with someone and we’re Twitter followers of someone, but are we really friends with them? Do we trust the word people mobile canada of mouth recommendations of people we’re Facebook friends with and Twitter followers of? It’s become a common tactic for marketers to send influential social media types free products, hoping they endorse the brand/product on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and people mobile canada anywhere else online.


Perhaps consumers have become skeptical from seeing one people mobile canada too many upbeat tweets and blog posts from someone they’ve friended sharing their love for a brand or product. The SolutionConsumer skepticism of endorsements in social media can be reversed when marketers diligently and deliberately people mobile canada follow these three actions: It’s vital for marketers to ask the online influentials they’ve pitched to disclose Cpa Email list when they’ve received product samples or any other incentive. ly need to clearly mention somewhere in a post that they were approached to write about a company’s product or service. Such a line could read, “I received

from [company people mobile canada name] and here’s my opinion…”

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