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3 essential elements for video marketing on Facebook

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3 essential elements for video marketing on Facebook

As digital strategists we know that Facebook is one of the most important channels to generate empathy and put customers in the conversion funnel. As we already know, the first step of this funnel is attraction, without it we are fried. It is incredible how amounts of money are spent without taking that first step into account, it is the one that must be Dominican Republic Mobile Number List
studied the most, put A / B testing, readjust and retest with limited objectives so that once we know which is the part that calls the attention, release it now en masse to our selected target audience. There is a certain romance, so to speak, between the Facebook feed and the attractive videos. When I speak of attractions I am not necessarily talking about creativity and expensive production, attractive means: that attracts! Bingo! And that is the step that I mentioned at the beginning, we want to attract first of all. Dominican Republic Mobile Number List

I can give you an infinite number of tricks here to make a video attractive, but I am going to focus on 3 elements. No more. We are not going to delve into the technology in which the video is made, today there are many resources that we can use for that. So the first element is the phrase, the copy or key piece , remember that you only have the first 6 seconds to get someone to capture your attention, but first show the reason why they would do it, no matter how many arguments you add, you don’t they will. That phrase or keyframe will be designed for your target audience, do not go around the bush or try to cover any further. Define it and launch it first, don’t leave it last.

The second element in the video is the heart of it, the story. This is where you put your story ( storytelling ) but when I say story, BEWARE, no tangled stories, long or without a complete ending. It should be a concise and coherent story. Remember that storytelling is the art of making sense and must respond to Who, What, Where, When, Why and How. Everything in Brother Cell Phone List seconds, and it must have a message, expose the problem or conflict, place the characters and the plot. And the third and final element is your call to action based on the goal you are pursuing with publishing the video. If you do not include this element, you will not close the attraction process and you will not pass it to the next stage of the funnel. The call to action can be a visit to your website , a link to your landing page , a data collection form. Remember that everything also depends on the phase in which that group of specific leads is . A single call to action, do not confuse them. One last piece of information. According to Facebook’s financial report for the last four months of 2016, they mention that there are ONLY (worldwide) more than 3 million brands / companies that post videos per month. Now you realize how many people compete with your video?

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