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3 cosas a tener en cuenta al crear tu campaña de Facebook Ads en 2021

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3 cosas a tener en cuenta al crear tu campaña de Facebook Ads en 2021

If when we were eating the grapes back on December 31, 2019 they told us what was going to happen this year, we would have had a good laugh. But, like everything Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists in life, this year is also coming to an end and 2021 is just around the corner (and we hope it brings a little more joy). And, although it is clear what the star theme this year has Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists been, very interesting things have also happened in our sector Facebook has announced many news for next year, which, if you dedicate yourself to creating campaigns in Facebook Ads, you must take them into Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists account.

So, what do you think if we make a compilation of these news and you and I catch up to be Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists ready for the Facebook Ads campaigns this coming year? No more announcements to “mansalva” If you’ve ever participated in a launch, you know that Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists the amount of ads created is scary. We are not talking about 20 or 30, but about hundreds of them (and even thousands) Well, that has the days numbered. Starting February 16, 2021 (for newly created pages), Facebook will begin to limit the number of ads that can be active or in review on each page “Running too many ads at once can hurt performance. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists Typically, when a page runs too many ads at the same time, there will be fewer ads that make it out of the analysis phase and more budget will be spent before the delivery system optimizes performance. ”

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

You have a limit of 250 ads. In an ad account you use that Facebook page and create 200 ads. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists That means that, for the rest of the accounts where you want to use that Fan Page, you will only have 50 ads available. What is the ad limit? The answer is … it depends (a classic already). Depending on what your advertising spending has been on the platform in the last 12 months, Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists your limit will be cpa email list  different If you are not very clear about what your limit is or how much you have “consumed” of that bonus, Facebook has been good and has made it easy for us For a few weeks they have incorporated a new tab in the Business Manager called “Limits of ads per page”, Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists within the Advertising section (yes, they have not eaten much of the head).

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