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15 years of Merca 2.0: The evolution of marketing in music

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15 years of Merca 2.0: The evolution of marketing in music

Although marketing already existed in music for decades, the truth is that it evolved by leaps and bounds in less than two decades, as artists went from promoting albums with simple presentations to marketing streaming platforms , social networks, even bands. that are Ecuador Mobile Number List promoted through virtual reality. Like any product, music marketing also includes market research, goal setting, strategy building, and making sales, however, the art of this type of marketing is that it doesn’t seem like there is a plan behind a record release . Although the role of record labels has decreased in recent years, music marketing plans are designed based on consumer habits, in such a way that today a music project that fails is because it does not know the panorama of the music industry . Ecuador Mobile Number List

In the last 15 years, music marketing has migrated from traditional media, such as radio, television, written media, to digital marketing, such as music streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer , as well as social networks, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat , which went from having a regional social impact to a global one of millions of people at the same time. Pew Research data refer that netizens or music consumers look at their mobile phones more than 150 times a day, with YouTube being the preferred platform to watch music videos , while Spotify is the preferred application to listen to all kinds of music, and to determine their A song will be liked or not by the public, only the first 10 seconds will suffice . If not, you are out. According to the PicMonkey platform, if a band releases a photo or video that goes viral, they can increase the playback of their music on YouTube or Spotify by up to 40 percent , while the “key” hours to publish singles are Monday through Wednesday at the 8 am , or, at 14 and 21 hours .

Analysts estimate that the current trends in music marketing is to focus on the promotion or presence of the artist on social networks, from planning valuable content, to enhancing and seeking to monetize their presence on streaming platforms , since it is a tool of uninterrupted promotion, and even for bands of international stature it becomes an Brother Cell Phone List important source of income. Likewise, bands are brands that need representatives who design public relations strategies that allow them to position their music in all countries in different languages. There are groups that have almost self-taught technology to stand out and become ubiquitous, as they become walking examples of digital marketing . One of the pioneers of digital marketing was Radiohead, who despite being at the top in 2000, decided to take an unexpected turn in his career and stop releasing singles to promote his album Kid A, coupled with the fact that they released their album in a digital accompanied by a series of videos within a platform called iBlip in years where Youtube and Facebook did not exist.

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