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15 Years Of Merca 2.0: Content Marketing Revolutionized The News Media

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15 Years Of Merca 2.0: Content Marketing Revolutionized The News Media

Twenty years ago, the news media, such as television, radio and newspapers, lived off large advertising revenues from innumerable advertisers, who paid for conventional ads, however, the best thing was the high sales by circulation or rating , without a doubt a golden age that exists. Today television and radio persist on the air with constant changes in their Mexico Mobile Number List programming, according to the advertisers who manage to pay for each program, however, the most dramatic changes were seen in the written press , since some newspapers disappeared or had to migrate towards digital media. Although some print media already have audiovisual news, social networks, applications, as well as web analytics strategies to know the preferences of readers, the truth is that 53 percent of readers who used to read a newspaper before now consume digital media, and 85 percent of them share content on social networks and issue opinions according to IAB Mexico.Mexico Mobile Database

By radically changing its business model due to new technologies and the exodus of advertisers to the internet , the news media had to rely on new tools, such as social networks, YouTube , and even WordPress , which allowed them to make advertisers more accessible, brands, the distribution of their content, that is, content marketing. While conventional media survive only with government advertising, achieving print runs of up to 250,000 copies per day , the truth is that digital media have viral content that can be shared up to 500,000 times and read up to a million times. An analysis by The Guardian, the newspapers no longer see their readers as main customers, because now they are the advertisers, that is, for a newspaper editor “our customer is the advertiser, the readers are the customers of our customers . ”

Among the main conventional advertisers were clothing brands or retailers, and last Christmas, 2016, newspapers lost advertisers even in December holidays , as advertising revenues in newspapers around the world decreased 30 percent, which was added to the annual drop of 15 percent, according to data from Kantar Media. While Canada ended with advertising towards the written press , considering it “useless”, in Mexico, the printed Brother Cell Phone List media are enslaved to “official” advertising, which by providing large millionaire revenues to the media, they are forced to be convincing , omitting its critical role. Meanwhile, digital media have numerous marketing tools to multiply their income, without changing their editorial line, such as branded content, SEO , as well as reader reach metrics, that is, they work in reverse than traditional media, since big data favors those brands to achieve a greater reach.

An analysis of Puro Marketing indicates that content marketing continues to be the present and will be the future of the news media, many of them digital. Digital media such as Vox, Hypertext, Wall Street Journal, Animal Político, Quartz or Wired , have such exact metrics that almost any brand of any size would have an ideal marketing strategy. Most of these digital media have thousands of monthly readers, the majority between 25 and 49 years old , with a higher education level at the upper secondary level, by 78 percent , so the sites have an average of 8 brands advertising per month , which pay for journalistic and editorial work.

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