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13 Ideas to Inspire Your Blog Content

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13 Ideas to Inspire Your Blog Content

As a blogger have you ever thought, “I don’t know uk phone database what to write about!” or “How am I going to come up with fresh content for my blog three times a week? With Google Alerts, you can set up alerts for topics and subtopics in your niche to see what’s uk phone database making news and what’s being said by others. Monitoring online news and conversations can inspire ideas and introduce you to new content sources. You want to find out what your competitors and other experts in your field are discussing. Not only will you get inspiration for your own writing, but you’ll stay on the cutting uk phone database edge of your field.

Other bloggers’ posts are often useful jumping-off uk phone database points for writing your own. Some bloggers simply report on somebody’s post, link to it, and that’s it. A more strategic way to do this is to either agree with the blogger you’re citing, disagree, or add your own perspective. Adding to the conversation uk phone database makes your blog more valuable. Although you can read a lot of good stuff inthe blogosphere, it hasn’t all been said. Use the good stuff as inspiration and ask yourself, what can I add to that? The blogosphere loves controversy and a good argument. How can you stir things uk phone database up and encourage your readers to interact and comment?


This is a great tool that can boost readership uk phone database and encourage people to come back to vote and share with friends. Set up a poll as a blog post or in the sidebar, and ask readers to vote on their biggest challenge, their worst nightmare—you name it—as long as it’s relevant to your topic. What do uk phone database you want to know from Cpa Email list your readers? Ask them. There are many free polling services that enable you to add polls to your blog: Polldaddy and Vizu are two I frequently use. Use poll results as fodder for writing additional follow-up blog posts, an article, or a media uk phone database release.

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