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10 Ways Social Media Can Help eCommerce Businesses Grow Faster

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10 Ways Social Media Can Help eCommerce Businesses Grow Faster

Over the past two years, small businesses, especially those involve in eCommerce, have face unpredictable challenges, and it’s taken a lot of resourcefulness for most companies to continue to operate at the same high levels as they once did before. Delivering on promises to customers has been one of the biggest challenges. Supply chain constraints, production restrictions, shipping delays,. And many other factors have made it difficult to manufacture and deliver products on time. Customers get frustrate when their new sofa won’t arrive for another eight months, or their favorite tea is always out of stock. Many eCommerce companies do a poor job communicating with their customers and prospects.

Company updates on social media can increase transparency

These companies push for a quick sale but are stuck trying to convince their customers not to cancel delayed orders. Think about the core guarantees you make on your website, marketing materials, and even on social media. Do you promise innovation, honesty, brand loyalty, or all three? Nearly all companies would benefit from improving their communications with customers and prospects. Social media offers unique opportunities that can help you keep customers informed, engaged, and happy. Here’s how you can leverage social media to help grow your business faster: Company updates on social media can increase transparency Uncertain times come with unpredictable events. In the past few years, businesses have been turned upside down. From port congestion to product shortages, delays were abundant.

Opportunity to easily communicate with customers

While you can’t use social media to fix delays or shortages, you can use your social channels to keep your customers informe. For example, your eCommerce brand might experience shipping delays. By posting about shipping delays on social media via posts or stories. You have the opportunity to get your update across to your followers in real-time. Your updates don’t have to be focuse. Opportunity to easily communicate with customers As mentione above, social media lets you communicate with your customers in real-time. Being active on social media allows you to answer questions, respond to comments, and even actively communicate with your target audience via direct messages (DMs). This is important because customers and prospects are often frustrate by brands that don’t listen to customer feedback.

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